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SoFlo Designer Monthly is a fictitious publication that features prominent designers, artists, design houses, agencies, and creatives from all over the world. The magazine serves as a source of inspiration and knowledge for emerging graphic designers, offering insights, stories, and interviews that celebrate significant contributions to the field. Also featured are creative processes, challenges, and success stories of industry professionals, creating a platform for the exchange of ideas and a deeper appreciation of the arts.




Magazine Spread


SoFlo Designer Monthly designs each feature section to embody the distinctive brand identity of the showcased artist. The latest issue spotlights Buro Destruct, a renowned Swiss graphic design studio, in a captivating full-page spread. This feature article offers an immersive interview of the studio and a showcase of some of their remarkable works. Through uniquely designed layouts and captivating imagery, readers can embark on a visual journey that enriches their reading experience.

SoFlo Designer Monthly | Layout Design

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