Poke ramen

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Poke Ramen is a favorite South Florida restaurant that offers both authentic Japanese-style ramen and Hawaiian Poke. Guests can indulge in the rich and savory taste of traditional ramen as well as the vibrant and refreshing flavors of Hawaiian Poke bowls.




Business Card
Takeout Menu
Digital Menu Boards


Poke Ramen’s brand design revolves around showcasing their mouthwatering dishes with vibrant colors from its fresh and diverse ingredients.

Through enticing photos online, in-restaurant takeout menus, and vibrant digital menu boards, the goal is to captivate customers’ attention and whet their appetite.

Simplicity is also key in the design of the menus both in print and digital formats, ensuring that it is easily understandable for all to order, even those new to the cuisine.

Poke Ramen | Website Design
Poke Ramen | Digital Menu Board
Poke Ramen | Business Card Design
Poke Ramen | Takeout Menu Design

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