Saving Earth Apparel

Logo Design

Saving Earth Apparel (S.E.A.) is an eco-friendly online clothing store offering a wide array of products, including accessories like shoes, bags, and office supplies, all made from 100% recycled materials.

With a strong focus on sustainability, the company fosters a growing community of individuals committed to building an eco-friendlier future.






The S.E.A. logo portrays our planet Earth, with a heart gently embracing it, reflecting the company’s heartfelt sentiment towards the environment. The incorporation of leaf design elements further emphasizes the brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Additionally, the combination of fonts ‘SciFly Sans’ and ‘Neo Retro’ convey a modern touch with a human feel, capturing S.E.A.’s contemporary essence and compassionate values.

The logo aims to communicate the company’s mission of promoting environmental awareness and responsible practices.

Saving Earth Apparel | Logo Design

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