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HelpN is a cutting-edge mobile security application tailor-made for educational institutions, ensuring enhanced safety for students and staff. The app serves as a crucial bridge between users and emergency personnel, offering instant activation technology.

In times of crisis, HelpN promptly provides emergency responders with vital information such as the user’s health profile, real-time GPS location, and even live audio feed from their mobile device.

With HelpN, schools and universities can foster a secure environment, prioritizing the well-being of their community and swiftly responding to any emergencies that may arise.




Mobile Application


HelpN’s logo depicts a mobile device emitting signals, symbolizing the app’s capability to swiftly connect with emergency responders during critical situations.

The mobile app’s user interface prioritizes HelpN’s core functions, placing the emergency call button prominently at the center of the screen and a real-time map displaying the user’s accurate location right below it.

The HelpN website offers a user-friendly experience, guiding visitors to explore the app’s capabilities and benefits, fostering confidence in its usage. It showcases key features for users and provides essential information for emergency responders. Organizations considering the platform can easily schedule demos, making informed decisions for seamless integration into their organization.


HelpN | Logo Design
HelpN | Website Design
HelpN | App Design

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