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Flux, a visionary restaurant, club and lounge situated in futuristic Los Angeles, redefines the dining experience with cutting-edge technology. From digital menu tablets to ultra-comfortable chairs with built-in surround sound, every detail enhances the guest’s enjoyment.

The main stage hovers from floor-to-floor, providing a unique and captivating platform for performances. With three levels and a rooftop club boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, patrons can savor the beautiful city backdrop as they savor a remarkable culinary journey.




Restaurant Interior
Business Card
Takeout Bags
Digital Menu


The Flux brand embodies a clean, futuristic, and minimalistic aesthetic. From business cards to digital menus and takeout bags, the design elements are meant to showcase the actual unique structure of the restaurant. The sleek logo aims to leave a lasting impression, while interactive digital menus captivate diners with a dynamic ordering experience.

Flux | Logo Design
Flux | Interior Design
Flux | Business Card Design
Flux | Digital Menu Design
Flux | Takeout Bags
Flux | Apparel Design

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